Superior Maintenance Services maintains many doctor’s offices, medical clinics and treatment facilities.  We understand the importance of proper disinfecting, sanitation and appearances of patient rooms, lobbies and office areas.

Requirements for HIPPA, OSHA, Blood-borne Pathogens and all required programs are followed without fail.  Our staff participates in appropriate training in all of these areas.

You can be assured that concerns regarding confidentiality and safety have never been an issue with Superior Maintenance Services.  All appropriate cleaning products are used to insure the safety of staff and patients.

Our Medical Cleaning Services Include:

Patient Room cleaning

Detailed vacuuming

Floor Maintenance (with addition of special services as arranged)

i.e. stripping and waxing and/or high speed buffing.

Carpet Cleaning can be arranged as needed.

Odor control in washrooms and locker rooms.