Commercial Cleaners in Michigan

If you are tasked with the upkeep, maintenance and cleaning of any commercial property, you’ve likely considered hiring commercial cleaners to handle this chore for you. At Superior Maintenance Services, we understand that taking this task off your hands can help you focus on the really important things in your business. This is why we provide professional, friendly and punctual staff to handle all of your cleaning needs.

We offer a variety of cleaning packages. In fact, we can setup recurring cleanings for your business (weekly, monthly, etc.) or just come out once if you’re simply looking to get a property clean before selling or showing it. Our professionals are experienced and come prepared with all of the necessary and powerful equipment that they need to get your property thoroughly clean. We can handle absolutely any of your commercial cleaning needs:

  • Window cleaning
  • Floor cleaning
  • Exterior cleaning (i.e. walkways, walls)
  • Any other cleaning task that you could possibly need.

Regardless of whether you need us just once or on a recurring basis, Superior Maintenance Services will provide you with the cleaning services that you’d expect from a professional company. We are open Monday through Saturday to meet any of your scheduling needs. Superior Maintenance Services can be the commercial cleaners that your commercial property deserves, give us a call today.  Call:  586-948-6800