• Commercial Carpet Cleaning
  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Commercial Office Cleaning
  • Specialist in Healthcare Cleaning
  • Commercial Power Washing
  • Commercial Floor Cleaning

Affordable Cleaning Service in Macomb Oakland and St. Clair County

We at Superior Maintenance Services understand that we all love a clean and tidy business, but it’s just too tedious and time-consuming at times. Luckily, we’re able to provide friendly, professional and punctual workers to handle any cleaning chore that you may have.

Too many companies simply offer one service, but we know that this can lead to more expenses and lost time. This is why we provide cleaning services that match absolutely anyone’s specific needs. Our services, which are available as a one-time or recurring (i.e., weekly, monthly) basis, include:

  • Exterior surface cleaning
  • Commercial office cleaning
  • Commercial floor cleaning
  • Commercial power washing
  • Healthcare cleaning
  • Commercial cleaning need that you could have

Superior Maintenance Services is the only, cleaning service that you’ll ever need. We can handle everything from cleaning your Business sidewalks to keeping your complex’s mezzanine floor spotless. If you have absolutely any cleaning need that you would rather ignore, give us a call today at Superior Maintenance Services.